StocktonCon Winter 2019

When and where is StocktonCon Winter 2019?

StocktonCon Winter is on Sunday, January 20th – from 10am-5pm at Stockton Arena – located at 248 W Fremont St, Stockton, CA.

Where can I buy tickets to StocktonCon Winter 2019?

Tickets will be available at the door for $13 and are available for the pre-sale price of $8 at the Stockton Arena Box Office along with Al’s Comics (Stockton), Comic Grapevine (Lodi) and Utopia Games (Modesto). Kids 12 and under get in FREE!

They are available online at (beginning Jan. 9th) – but if you’d like to avoid service fees – you can pick them up in person at the following locations. As always, there are no service fees for cash purchases!
Tickets are $13 at the door.

Al’s Comics (ON SALE NOW!)
Stockton Arena Arena Box Office (ON SALE NOW!)
Valhalla Hobbies & Games (ON SALE NOW!)

Cruisers (ON SALE NOW!)

Elk Grove
Big Pop Shop (ON SALE NOW!)

Chris’s Comics (ON SALE NOW!)
Treasure Island Comics (ON SALE NOW!)

Comic Grapevine (ON SALE NOW!)
The Launchpad (ON SALE NOW!)

Fantastic Collectibles (ON SALE NOW!)
Gamer’s Path (ON SALE NOW!)
War Torn Front Game Center (ON SALE NOW!)
Cruisers (ON SALE NOW!)

Modesto Comics (ON SALE NOW!)
Invincible Comics (ON SALE NOW!)
Utopia Games and Collectibles (ON SALE NOW!)
Cruisers (ON SALE NOW!)
(4931 McHenry Ave. – 4120 Dale Rd.
4000 E. Briggsmore Ave. locations)

Cruisers (ON SALE NOW!)

A-1 Comics, Inc (ON SALE NOW!)
Comics & Collectibles (ON SALE NOW!)
Empire’s Comics Vault (ON SALE NOW!)

San Leandro
The Comic Shop (ON SALE NOW!)

Suisun City
Waterfront Comics (ON SALE NOW!)

Cruisers (ON SALE NOW!)

Union City
Comic & Figure Addicts (ON SALE NOW!)

May I dress as my favorite game character?

Absolutely. We would love to see you dressed up as your favorite character. Please understand that StocktonCon Game Fest is a family event, so please keep that in mind when putting together your costume.

What is your weapons policy?

StocktonCon Winter encourages fans to cosplay as their favorite pop culture icons! For everyone’s safety and for a relaxing event, here are some cosplay guidelines.

  1. No real firearms. That includes firearms that shoot only blanks or BB’s.
  2. Replica weapons must stand out as fake from at least 10 feet away. An orange safety tip is required on all replica weapons.
  3. If any type of blade weapon is sharp enough or has a pointed tip, so that it might cut or pierce the skin – it will not be allowed into StocktonCon.
  4. Solid prop weapons which have enough weight to cause physical harm with even a medium swing are not  allowed.
  5. Functioning fake projectile weapons – even “Air Soft”, water guns, squirt guns, and any toy that is capable of actually firing a projectile, liquid, or object of any type are not allowed.
  6. Weapons will be peace bonded either while you wait in the registration line (prior to 10am) or at the information booth. Your item will be identified so that staff and attendees know it is safe and approved.
  7. Aiming, brandishing and pointing any and all weapons at other attendees is not acceptable. If you are in violation of this rule, you may be asked to leave Stockton Arena.
  8. If this doesn’t answer your question, please bring your replica weapon or prop to our weapons check area near the front entrance.

What is your Code of Conduct?

StocktonCon Game Fest believes in a welcoming environment that provides a safe and fun environment for games, regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, religion, disability or orientation. We would expect all of our attendees to treat others with respect and always be aware of their surroundings and actions. Any violence, threats, bullying, harassment or derogatory actions of any kind will not be tolerated. Speech that includes racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic and other offensive language is not allowed.

Anyone that finding themselves in a situation where they feel unsafe or sees an action of another attendee that is violating the code, should contact a Game Fest staff member or Stockton Arena staff member so the matter can be attended to right away.

I have a question you didn’t answer here. How may I contact you?

Please feel free to send any questions HERE.