Registration for StocktonCon Summer 2019 is SOLD OUT for Exhibitors and Artist Alley – THANK YOU!


Artist Alley and Exhibitor slots are SOLD OUT!  To be added to our waiting list, please fill out the form (do not send payment) and send the form to us via email to info@stocktoncon.com or US Mail.

You can download the form here and email it directly to us or mail it in. Please keep in mind that we had several cancellations and waiting list openings last year.

If you’d like more information – or to send in a registration form – please send us an email HERE.

Here is a list of all of our spaces at StocktonCon – and who you can plan to see!

LSE C Conpacks Studios
LSE D Art of David Wong
LSE E MadHouse Collectibles
Table Exhibitor Name Table Exhibitor Name
L1 Calvin Wong L14 Kamikaze Gamez (2nd space)
L2 Cola’s Collectibles L15 Koryu Mart
L3 Outer Rim Comics L16 Koryu Mart (2nd Space)
L4 Outer Rim Comics L17 TTWanime
L5 Cupcakes And Switchblades L18 InkChip Designs
L6 Cupcakes And Switchblades (2nd space) L19 Allie Love Anime Accessories
L7 Dr. Hogan Berry’s Genre Jewelry L20 1 Sixth By OC
L8 Anime Palace L21 Stitchcraft & Wizardry
L9 Kaela’s Kollectibles L22 California Card Shark
L10 Kaela’s Kollectibles (2nd space) L23 Remember When? Toys & Collectibles
L11 Cool Collectibles L24 Toy Mandala
L12 Cool Collectibles L25 Toy Mandala (2nd space)
L13 Kamikaze Gamez L26 Toy Mandala (3rd space)
Table Exhibitor Name Table Exhibitor Name
1 JNA Collectibles 61 Surf City Etching
2 JNA Collectibles (2nd space) 62 Surf City Etching (2nd space)
3 Invincible Comics 63 Artwork by Christopher Cayco
4 Invincible Comics (2nd space) 64 Punkstuff
5 PAL Collectibles 65 Punkstuff (2nd space)
6 Two Tons of Comics 66 Wonderland Comics
7 MJ Anime Goods 67 Wonderland Comics (2nd space)
8 Champion Comics 68 SAV Collectibles
9 Tony Menchaca Art 69 Chris’s Comics
10 Phantom Monster 70 James Highsmith
11 nooligan 71 Hobby Fan
12 Cards & Comics Central 72 Hobby Fan (2nd space)
13 Cards & Comics Central (2nd space) 73 Comic Grapevine
14 Cards & Comics Central (3rd space) 74 Comic Grapevine (2nd space)
15 Comic Figure Addicts (5th space) 75 Mike’s Comics Plus
16 Comic Figure Addicts (6th space) 76 Mike’s Comics Plus (2nd space)
17 A-1 Comics 77 Mike’s Comics Plus (3rd space)
18 A-1 Comics (2nd space) 78 Mike’s Comics Plus (4th space)
19 Comic Figure Addicts 79 8-Bit Bytes
20 Comic Figure Addicts (2nd space) 80 8-Bit Bytes (2nd space)
21 Comic Figure Addicts (3rd space) 81 Past & Present Treasures
22 Comic Figure Addicts (4th space) 82 Margarito Tapia
23 Anime V 83 Margarito Tapia (2nd space)
24 Anime V (2nd space) 84 Margarito Tapia (3rd space)
25 Anime V (3rd space) 85 California Hot Shots
26 Anime V (4th space) 86 California Hot Shots (2nd space)
27 Comics Plus 87 California Hot Shots (3rd space)
28 Comics Plus (2nd space) 88 Albert Nguyen Illusration
29 Comics Plus (3rd space) 89 Scattered Comics
30 Comics Plus (4th space) 90 Scattered Comics (2nd space)
31 VisionComix.com 91 Scattered Comics (3rd space)
32 Jusscope Press 92 @indiglogirl
33 AlaricBarca.com 93 Shirley & Kayelynn
34 Toytropolis 94 Wrachford Creations
35 Toytropolis (2nd space) 95 Wrachford Creations (2nd space)
36 Zombie Patrol 96 Port City Comics & Collectables
37 Zombie Patrol (2nd space) 97 Port City Comics & Collectables (2nd space)
38 Zombie Patrol (3rd space) 98 Port City Comics & Collectables (3rd space)
39 A Touch of Glass Pendants 99 Red Sky Comics
40 Comic Command Center 100 Sean & Jean
41 Comic Command Center (2nd space) 101 Sean & Jean (2nd space)
42 My-D Pins and Collectibles 102 Sean & Jean (3rd space)
43 My-D Pins and Collectibles (2nd space) 103 From the Land Beyond
44 From the Cinema 104 Oztopolis
45 From the Cinema (2nd space) 105 Oztopolis (2nd space)
46 From the Cinema (3rd space) 106 Oztopolis (3rd space)
47 War Torn Front 107 Brian Wells
48 Jim & Melody Rondeau 108 STOCKTONCON SILENT AUCTION
49 Jim & Melody Rondeau (2nd space) 109 Batcave Comics & Toys
50 Collector’s Universe 110 Modesto Comics
51 Collector’s Universe (2nd space) 111 Michael Ram
52 Collector’s Universe (3rd space) 112 Mad About Super Heroes
53 Cape and Cowl Comics 113 Comic Boards Ink
54 Cape and Cowl Comics (2nd space) 114 Comic Boards Ink (2nd space)
55 Big Pop Shop 115 World of Retro
56 Big Pop Shop (2nd space) 116 A&B Cards & Comics
57 Perry Toledo 117 Maximum Sports
58 Art Vic B.A.T 118 Maximum Sports (2nd space)
59 The Comic Cellar 119 Steve Wyatt
60 The Comic Cellar (2nd space) 120 Steve Wyatt (2nd space)

Table Artist/Small Press Name Table Artist/Small Press Name
AA1 House of Doodle AA48 Sean Chen
AA2 House of Doodle (2nd space) AA49 Tim Vigil
AA3 Artist Bonzie AA50 Dan Mendoza
AA4 FOSter Kids TV AA51 Dave Dwonch
AA5 Bluebaby AA52 Brendan Cahill
AA6 Crafty Like a Todd AA53 Davidson L. Haworth
AA7 Hypno Skull Comics AA54 Matt Harding
AA8 Yojambo AA55 Eben Burgoon
AA9 Art of Gard AA56 Eben Burgoon (2nd space)
AA10 CN Comics AA57 Watercolor Chaos
AA11 Nakedcomix AA58 Little Lunar Rabbit Designs
AA12 My 2 K’s AA59 Dragon Child
AA13 SleepingWolvesArt AA60 Bored Spooky
AA14 Creativity By Ruth AA61 Y Comics, LLC
AA15 Lynn Lynn Heavy Industries AA62 BREED
AA16 PKearArt AA63 BREED (2nd Space)
AA17 ART Monster Studio AA64 Jon Williams
AA18 ART Monster Studio (2nd Space) AA65 Phillip Ginn: Imaginator
AA19 ART Monster Studio (3rd Space) AA66 Lee Dawn Illustrations
AA20 Joe Weems (2nd Space) AA67 Frank J. Gallardo Art
AA21 Joe Weems AA68 Frank J. Gallardo Art (2nd Space)
AA22 Scott Koblish AA69 Michael Magtanong
AA23 Steve Gordon AA70 Moonkee Art
AA24 Kevin VanHook AA71 Monkey Mischief
AA25 Rick Hoberg AA72 leSpirit Designs
AA26 Dan Brereton AA73 Baesd Art
AA27 Tim Bradstreet AA74 NekomimiPUNKS
AA28 Tone Rodriguez AA75 Azevedo Bros
AA29 Mike McKone AA76 Geek Fine Art
AA30 Chad Hardin (2nd space) AA77 Dream Light Jewelry
AA31 Chad Hardin AA78 Megan’s Mess
AA32 Joyce Chin AA79 Izellustrations
AA33 Arthur Adams AA80 Jinxyee Studios
AA34 Ramon Villalobos AA81 Clif’s Art and TKR Art Gallery
AA35 Nick Dragotta AA82 Fairytale Fox Design
AA36 Justin Greenwood AA83 Last Bastion Studios
AA37 Drew Johnson AA84 Jay’s Art
AA38 Chris Moreno AA85 Mel’s Log Comics
AA39 Brad Simpson AA86 Lin’s Original Artwork
AA40 Aubrey Sitterson AA87 Zee Cee Art
AA41 SuperEmoFriends AA88 Jagged Lines of Imagination
AA42 Art by Sarah Renee Kraft AA89 Ghost Thunder Collective
AA43 Allen Passalaqua AA90 Lazy Bones Studios
AA44 James C. Mulligan AA91 Mel Smith
AA45 Lee Kohse AA92 Silly Shana’s Square
AA46 Lonnie Millsap AA93 Maho Ten Productions
AA47 Chris Marrinan AA94 Jack Katz & Friends
North to South North to South
FD1 Kurt Angle (Saturday Only) FD25 Once Upon A Video Game
FD2 Kurt Angle (Saturday Only) FD26 Once Upon A Video Game
FD3 Lita FD27 Once Upon A Video Game
FD4A Vickie Guerrero FD28 Once Upon A Video Game
FD4 Chavo Guerrero FD29 West Coast Avengers
FD5 Marty Scurll FD30 MY 58/Derezzed Digital
FD6 Steve Whitmire FD31 Discovery Martial Arts
FD7 Bret Iwan FD32 KAT Country/Cumulus Radio
FD8 Ming Chen FD33 Haggin Museum
FD9 Sam Jones FD34 Kai The Everything Guy
FD10 Femi Taylor FD35 Carey Means
FD11 C. Andrew Nelson FD36 Mary Gibbs
FD12 501st Legion/Rebel Legion FD37 Kellen Goff
FD13 501st Legion/Rebel Legion FD38 Susan Eisenberg
FD14 CJ Graham FD39 George Newbern
FD15 Sinister Creature Con FD40 Keone Young
FD16 Gtoys & Collectibles FD41 Anson Williams
FD17 ABC10 FD42 John Glover (Saturday Only)
FD18 Lodi Zombie Walk FD43 Austin St. John
FD19 SJ County Sheriff’s FD44 Nakia Burrise
FD20 Superheros In Training FD45 JSA
FD21 SacAnime FD46 Leslie David Baker
FD22 Stockton Ports FD47 Oscar Nunez
FD23 Pro Wrestling Bushido/SPW FD48 Brian Baumgartner
FD24 Once Upon A Video Game