StocktonCon Costume Contest

StocktonCon Costume Contest

2022 StocktonCon Costume Contest Info! 
We will be reducing the number of contestants this year to 30 for the Adult category (13 years and up) and 30 for the Youth category (12 years and under).  As always we will allow as many people to sign up as desired, but after 30 entries are reached those contestants will be wait list only (someone has to drop or no show to open a spot up).

NO handlers will be allowed backstage for the Adult contest, you must be self sufficient.  We will have staff that can provide some assistance if needed.

ONE (1) handler maximum is allowed for the Youth contest, regardless the size of the group entering.

This year we will again have two StocktonCon Costume Contests. Our contest featuring fans ages 13 and up will be Saturday, August 13th at 4pm in the Stockton Arena Panel Room.

Our Kids Contest, featuring kids 12 and under will begin at 4pm on Sunday, August 14th, also in the Stockton Arena Panel Room. There will be a prize pool of nearly $1000 in total cash prizes, so get out there and show off your best pop culture costume!

Rules and Regulations …

  • Register at the StocktonCon Information and Merchandise booth by the main entrance at Stockton Arena beginning at 11am each day.
  • There will be a maximum of 30 slots allowed to compete in each contest.  We will be taking waiting list entries after the initial 30 contestants have signed up. Upon registration, you will be given a lineup number. That is your slot in the contest. You must arrive to the Costume Contest Prep Room (near the main entrance) 1 hour prior to the start of the contest.  If you have not checked you run the risk of have your spot in the contest taken by someone on the waiting list.
  • StocktonCon is a family-friendly event – please keep that in mind when putting together your costume and presentation. No nudity allowed, this entails inappropriate exposure of private body parts. We reserve the right to refuse your costume if it is deemed too inappropriate.
  • We ask that all contestants adhere to the StocktonCon Weapons Policy.  If you have a prop or weapon that falls outside of the policy it must be pre-approved prior to entry.  Approval to use said prop or weapon does NOT give you permission to walk the convention floor with that item. You can find the policy at
  • An adult must accompany all contestants under the age of 16. The adult doesn’t have to accompany the entrant on stage during the presentation or backstage ahead of time – just in the holding area.
  • StocktonCon will video and take photos of the contest entrants. By entering the contest, the entrant enters an agreement that allows StocktonCon to use their likeness and image in any current/future advertisement, promotion, or publicity for StocktonCon events.


Adult Contest
1st – $300
2nd – $175
3rd – $75

Kids Contest
1st – $200
2nd – $100
3rd – $50