Check out where everyone was in 2016 — our list for 2017 is coming soon!

Use the map and the location list of celebrities, vendors, artists and exhibitors below to easily find who you want:


Where to find celebrities and other vendors:

Name Location
Kevin Nash FD1
Scott Hall FD2
Sean Waltman FD3
Billy West (Sunday only) FD4
Veronica Taylor FD5
StocktonCon FD6
David Naughton FD7
Adam Harrington FD8
DaRealWordSound FD9
C. Andrew Nelson FD10
501st Legion FD11 FD12
Mandalorian Mercs FD13 FD14
Cobra 1st Legion FD15
Utility Telecom FD16
Kreepy KOFY Movie Time FD17
United Way Photo Booth FD18
Entravision FD19
Regal Cinema FD20
Stockton Heat FD21
Saber Guild Strafe Plains Temple FD22
Tony DeZuniga Memorial Art Exhibit FD23
Once Upon A Video Game FD24 FD25 FD26 FD27 FD28
Sac Horror Film Festival FD29
Skeleton Army FD30
Lodi Zombie Walk FD31
Sac-Anime/Sac-Con FD32
KAT Country/Cumulus Radio FD33
Port City Roller Girls FD34
Pro Wrestling Bushido/SPW FD35
Lew Temple FD36
Vincent M. Ward FD37
Honky Tonk Man FD38
Christina Masterson FD39
John Loudermilk FD40
Kevin Gill FD41
Konnan (Sunday only) FD42
Disco Inferno (Sunday only) FD43
Kai the Everything Guy FD44
Martin Klebba FD45
Adrienne Barbeau FD46
Michael Dorn FD47 FD48

Where to find the artists:


Artist Website Location
Allen Spears Art AA77 AA78
Andrea M Archer  AA79
Art of Brian Soriano   AA48
Art of Tony DeZuniga  AA101
Artist Bonzie AA9
Big Tree Comics AA89
Bluebaby   AA12
Chunky Girl Comics  AA103
CN Comics AA26
complexwish  AA84 AA85
Crafty Like A Todd AA13
Darby Pop AA33
DDRA Steampunk   AA14 AA15
Denz  AA88
Derezzed Digital Design  AA23
Dominic Davi & Olivia Dantes  AA94
Dragon Child AA86
ECV Press AA82
Fourth Way Comics AA95
Frank J. Gallardo Art AA17
Frank Stone AA47
Ghost Thunder Collective  AA50 AA51
Greg Espinoza AA70
Hashground AA10
House of Doodle AA6 AA7 AA8
Hypnoskull Comics AA16
Jagged Lines of Imagination AA75 AA76
Jared Fedena AA93
Jason Lee  AA19
Josh S. Henaman AA29
Kayelynn and Lisa AA49
Kriyani Studio  AAL4
La Iguana Azul AAL2
Latino Comics Expo  AA66
LSQuared Handcrafted Jewelry AA73 AA74
Matt Harding  AA97
Matt Hebb AA18
Megan’s Mess AAL5
Mercenary Art Studio AA67 AA68
Mettledge Studio  AA21 AA22
Michael Calero Art  AA71 AA72
Michael Manonivibul Illustration AA46
Miss Alphabet AA81
nooligan  AA24
Offbeat Beauty  AA91
Phillip Villanueva  AAL1
Pilot Studios  AA83
Quixotic Quotient AAL7
Sarah Rene Kraft  AA69
Scattered Comics   AA61-AA63
Silly Shanas Square AAL3
SlantyPear Creative  AA90
Solowalkerone Graphics AA11
SuperEmoFriends  AA92
The Art of Gard  AA25
The Art of Justin Prime  AA87
Tragic Hero Comics AA80
Vincent M. Wales AA96
xDivineChaosx AAL6
Yojambo AA20
Yosiell Lorenzo & Felicia Ann AA27 AA28

Where to find exhibitors:


209 Collectibles 111
8 Bit Bytes 75, 76
A-1 Comics 16, 17
A&B Comic & Cards 36
Abby’s Bowtique 30
Action Lab Ent. 10
Adam’s Comics & Collectibles 34, 35
Albert Nguyen Illusration 8
Alpha Q Comics 13
Angus Oblong 14
Anime Accessories 4
Anime V 20, 21, 22 23
Antone Perry 39
Art of David Wong 88
Art Vicario 60
B-Squad:  Soldiers of Misfortune 11, 12
Banzai Cards & Comics 113
Battleground Games 19
Brackets Gaming 112
Brian Wells 103
California Hot Shots 83, 84
Calvin Wong L7
Cards & Comics Central 81, 82
Charlie Sotto 61
Cola’s Collectibles L13
Collector’s Corner 91
Collectors Universe 49, 50, 51, 52
Comic & Figure Addicts 18, 19
Comic Grapevine 67, 68
Comics Plus 24, 25, 26, 27
Cosmic Comix 85, 86
Cousins Collectible 94, 95
Cupcakes And Switchblades L8
Dr. Hogan-Berry’s Emporium L4
East Coast West L11 L12
Eva Vanecek Costumes 93
Fanciful Gift 65, 66
Fantastic Collectibles 43, 44
Fantastic Comics L5, L6
From The Cinema 41, 42
From The Land Beyond 37, 38 L17 L18
Heroes 105, 106
HobbyFan 70, 71
Invincible Comics 5
Irene Flores 80
J&R Fan Art L3
Jay Company Comics 73, 74
Jedi Fly Promotions 28, 29
Jim & Melody Rondeau 47, 48
JNA Collectibles 1, 2, 3
Jusscope Press 9
Kaela’s Kollectibles L9, L10
Kellys Heroes 31
Koryu Mart http:/ L14
Legends Studios/Red Eye Comics 59, 32
Mad About Super Heroes 15
March Forth Games Press Club
Maximum Sports 109, 110
Mike’s Comics Plus 77, 78, 79
Milo’s Collectibles 53
MJ Anime Goods 108
Model Grade 96
Nool’s Collectibles 56-58
Oz Topolis 100, 101, 102
PAL Collectibles 63, 64
Past & Present Treasures 33
Perry Toledo 90
Phantom Monster 7
Port City Comics & Collectibles 54, 55
Port City Roller Girls FD 28
Robo ToyFest 72
Rock Rebel L15
Romy Diaz 69
Santa Rosa Toy Con 62
Sean & Jean 98, 99
Sick Soaps L16
Steve Wyatt 115, 116
StocktonCon Silent Auction 104
Surf City Etching 89
The Launchpad 45, 46
Top Cow Comics 87
Treasure Island Comics 40 92
Warm Blanket Studios 6
William Swanson and Samantha Rau L1, L2